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we Sketch Team Netwok - 7 years old professional in this world.

Through 7 years of our expierience we have been working for over 14+ happy clients from all over the world. We offer brand, digital, mobile, events, packaging and design. We work closely with you to generate a winning plan for brand engagement and amplification.!

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Design Studio

Logo,UI&UX,Corporate identity,Marketing Materials


Mobile Apps,Web Apps, Websites, CRM/CMS


Infographic Videos, Gift Items, Events, Photography, Magazines

Team & Skills

Research & Analaysis

Network & Connections

N.A H.Office,Design Studio,Sales Office,Support


M.E H.Office,Production,Logistic,Sales Office


Development,Technical Office,Support


Technical office,Hosting,Servers


Sales Office,Support



International Languages

English,Arabic Main Languages
French,Urdo Different Languages

Hobbies & Interests


The Design Engagement

When you work with us, we start with a conversation to better understand your business needs. From there, we begin working on a plan to design, build, test, and publish your app. Our hands-on app development process typically takes about a month to complete initial work. Once we’ve finished building a basic mobile app to your specification, you can engage our team for further development work, or simply take over and manage your app yourself. We’ll teach you how to manage your app after you publish, send push notifications, update content, and track analytics like downloads, active users, and more.

Development apps

Initial Discovery: We'll review the initial documentation you provide to us and then ask additional questions to ensure we understand your project. We're looking for initial signs of a good fit during this stage. Are we the right team for you? Will you be a good client for us? Level of Effort. Estimate: Once we have a solid understanding of your project's requirements we'll create a detailed estimate that we can review with you and refine as necessary. If you've been burned by over-budget projects, you'll find that we're exceptionally realistic. Project Kickoff: Once you're comfortable with the proposed estimate and timeline, we'll hold a project kickoff meeting to introduce the key members of our team and to set out a firm project schedule. Regular Status Meetings: Transparency is a critical part of making sure you're a happy client. During our frequent status meetings with you, we'll apprise you of project process so that you're fully in-the-know at all times. Quality Assurance: By using Test Driven Development (TDD) principles we're able to reduce bugs and increase efficiencies throughout the app development process. We'll schedule multiple rounds of testing and revisions to make sure you're happy with your app before it's released. Deployment: Depending on the platforms your app will be released to, the deployment process can be brief or take weeks. We'll guide you through the process and prepare you for what to expect. .


in our production we design video infographic , Magazines and gift items. we have sourced commodities and manufactured gift items such as garments, uniforms,footwear, sporting goods, stationery. We have developed long-standing associations with hundreds of manufacturers across a broad spectrum of industries.

customize your product !

our slogan is your idea is a project , in Sketch Development we help you to show your project as your needs to your clients , we can work with you step by step .

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  • Morocco
  • +212 661 240 172
  • UAE
  • +971 4 365 8 999
  • USA
  • +1 972 600 2181 Ext 307
  • KSA
  • +966 11 22 914 22

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